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Visitor Info

We attempt to receive and welcome every individual as an honored guest, both in the way we present ourselves and our church.

One of the hallmarks of Risen Lord as a church is its level of hospitality. We are committed, as a church, to welcoming each and every person who comes through our doors and those we meet in the community. When God created the world he created it with a lot of variety, not just in plants and animals, but people too. And then God said, “It is good.” That’s just the way God likes it.

We Welcome Your Visit
To make sure you are personally welcomed and comfortable, Risen Lord has a number of trained hosts whose job it is to meet and greet all those who enter our doors on Sunday mornings. If you have any needs or questions however, please ask anyone and we will do our best to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Parking is located off of Whiteland rd to the south of the church, on the corner of Whiteland Rd and Saddle Club Rd.  Feel free to park where you would like, there are several handicap parking spaces directly in front of the building.  Arrive early as parking can fill up quickly.  As you enter the main doors, the worship area is to the left, the restrooms are to the right.  If you have any special needs, please ask and someone will assist you.  Risen Lord moved into its current facility in December 2002. The vision is to make the building and campus an attractive and winsome place to be. Wide hallways, modern restrooms (including a family restroom), library, worship-full church, and nursery all make the current facility quite exciting.

Sunday Morning Fellowship
Each Sunday morning, Risen Lord provides coffee, beverages and donuts in our Fellowship Hall.  Please help yourself, this is a wonderful chance to chat or greet someone new.

Baptism marks an individual’s entrance not merely into the church but into God’s special family. Anyone considering becoming a Christian or raising their children as Christians are encouraged to speak to the Pastor about baptism. Risen Lord baptizes both infants and adults.

Risen Lord communes weekly.  All who are baptized in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and believe in the presence of the Lord in the sacraments are welcome and encouraged to share in the Lord’s feast.  Communion is typically done by intinction, where the congregation approaches the alter, receives the bread of Christ’s body, dips it in the wine of Christ’s blood and then return to their seats to meditate on renewal through Christ’s death and resurrection.  Bread and wine substitutes are available.  If you have special needs, please discuss them with an usher at the entrance to the sanctuary or during communion as they invite each row to the alter.

Become a Member
Membership is not some exclusive or elusive goal to attain, but a commitment to the Risen Lord Mission.  New member classes are held periodically throughout the year.  If you are interested, simply speak with a member, or fill out a “Who’s Who” card and place it in  the offering plate or hand it to an usher.