Stephanie St John, Director, Lead Teacher


Stephanie St John received her BA in psychology before going on to pursue her Master’s at Xavier in Education with a specialization in Montessori.  Stephanie was within months of leaving for University of Mass., Amherst to specialize in research with autistic children when a chance visit to observe a Montessori classroom changed the course of her life.  She has taught both 3-6 and 6-9 year olds in classrooms, and private creative writing lessons.  She taught at a Children’s Habitat in Indianapolis for six years, before she was recruited for her Montessori teaching skills as the Director of Children’s Ministries at Trinity Church to broaden their Godly Play programming for 3-12 year olds (Godly Play is a Montessori based theology for children which allows them to see and manipulate a story;wonder and  ask open-ended questions; and create art responses based on their own spiritual creativity).  There she created developmentally appropriate curriculum and art responses while training  teachers and overseeing  paid staff members.  In her spare time, she created after-school classes that allowed children to develop their creative and critical thinking skills in classes like Harry Potter, Girl’s Guide to Life and Creativity, American Girl, Dr Who etc.  Stephanie has two daughters, a dog and a lion-headed rabbit.  Her oldest daughter Braden is at IU studying to be a teacher while her youngest, Abbey is in her senior year at Herron High School.


Kelly Watson, Head Teacher

Margo Emrich, Assistant Teacher


Margo has been at Risen Lord Montessori School since the doors opened in 2003. She has received her MECA Seton Assistant Paraprofessional Montessori license in July, 2009. Working as an art teacher, she has opened the world of art to the kids she has interacted with over the past 12 years. Ms. Margo is married and has four children, ranging in ages from 17 to 7 years, all of whom have progressed through the Montessori education curriculum. In her spare time, Ms. Margo is busy with her children’s soccer programs.