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Welcome to Risen Lord Lutheran Church!
We welcome anyone and everyone with open hearts. In a hurting world, this church provides a warm and welcoming place where your soul can be refreshed. We extend a safe and comfortable space to explore spiritual connections to others and Christ through small groups, music, worship, children and youth programs, social activities, community service, and open communion.

Graceful Engagement
We have a spirit of “graceful engagement,” trying to reach out to others in love and grace. We endeavor to treat each person as a child of God, listening to each other’s stories, and building relationships by finding commonalities and shared experiences, rather than focusing on issues that polarize us. We believe that all people are made in the image of God, and Christ’s mission is to break down the barriers that separate us from each other.

Join our Faith Community
Every person has a unique faith journey, and we acknowledge that brokenness is a part of our life story. The stories of God’s grace are enriching to that journey, and bring healing.